How to Wear: Boots!

Summer might not be over quite yet but boots are definitely walking all over the runway and ready for your shoe closet! After months of open-toes and backless shoes it could be a little difficult to transition from your favorite slip-ons to this seasons ankle or knee-highs.

The most noticeable boot seems to be the most delicate for style disaster. They are the knee-highs. These boots are tricky because they can easily cross over from sexy to street-walker with the wrong outfit. Everyone loves Julia Roberts but not exactly her look in Pretty Woman. With boots that command sex appeal on their own, the best approach to these attention grabbers is off setting them with leggings and a tunic. If you are worried about taking this into the winter season switch out the tunic for an oversized sweater or sweater dress. Short-shorts and skirts are a definite no-no. Keep the daunting image of Julia Roberts’ character in the back of your head and you should be fine. Instead use Hilary Duff as a muse. Her effortless style here takes these boots to a whole new ground.

Hilary Duff

Ankle boots are another season must-have. These boots are a bit more versatile because they can be dressed up or down. They can easily be paired with a dress or your favorite skinny jeans. For the cooler seasons ankle boots will be your go-to shoes for your everyday. If your on a budget try to stick to two rules when buying these. Look for one that is embellished and one that is neutral. For the embellished boot, try either going for a print like leopard or studs. For the neutral boot look for something that has either very little or no decoration like buckles or buttons and can be paired with just about everything in your closet.

Kim Kardashian

 Try these celeb style look-a-like boots that are a great alternative to their more pricey versions. Enjoy!

Qupid Relax


Steve Madden Intyce


Madden Girl Zhesty


Steve Madden Annnie Leopard


Paprika Vonda


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